for the Culture

I’m finally wrapping up what is left of my final weeks of my university experience. I’m happy to be done with school, and can’t say i’ll miss it but i’ll definitely miss being a student. With that, and all the opportunities that were given to me along the way to help me be who I want to be. As with anything you start or finish, I see it as a learning process. Whether, good or bad, you end up taking something from it moving forward.

Being mindful of everything that i’ve accomplished, I am excited about what’s to come next. I don’t have to have it all figured out for it to be okay, as long as i’m staying constant with myself, and all that I love doing.

What is that for you? What is it that you love doing?

For me, my first love has always been music.

Music has always been something i’ve been focused on for a long time. At a young age, my first experience with creating music was with a toy keyboard. I remember learning songs on my own by ear, and asking my dad to enrol me in piano lessons. Throughout school, I always took the opportunities to learn new instruments by playing in band class. With the art of music theory, I even had the chance to write my own songs. It took me a long time to actually believe in my own dreams but if it’s anything these past 4 years has taught me is that I could do it all. I have a degree in Psychology. I work in real estate. I am perfecting the art of Dj-ing at the moment, and will one day get into production too. So the next time someone starts the conversation with “what do you plan on doing next?” that is what they’ll get “everything.” I’m gonna do it all.

In a new age with social sharing, Soundcloud has become a platform where independent artists are finding themselves by sharing their work from their homemade studio, to sharing their own taste of other creatives. To me Soundcloud is an opportunity to re-invent yourself as an independent artist, or collective. You become your own creative brand, and your sound is who you are. From what you listen to/share, and all things that influence you in the process.

I love discovering new artists, old artists, artists who are on here grinding for the music, for themselves, making culture pop. Taste makers like myself appreciate that, because we know good music doesn’t have to be the most played ones. With a lot of things in my life, I appreciate diversity. If you follow me on Soundcloud, or my playlists, you know i’m always genre hopping. My music taste is diverse, it shows in all that I share and listen to. It’s nice because you could put on a track that is both hiphop and electronic. Soundcloud has distributed many sub-genres and it’s changing the ways that people produce music and listen to it.

With that, I hope you enjoy my latest mix. For the culture, this one’s for you.







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