between [us]

i’ve been bout you,
nothing else to do,
take the day to kick it back with you.

you tell me to come thru
around 8 – i’m on the way to you

we’ve been holdin back,
fire and desire playin in the back,
tell me baby why u be holdin back.

i don’t ask for much,
but take your time with me,
don’t you rush.

kissin on my neck,
we both a little reck,
man that whisky got us reck.

just for one more night,
this could be just right…


i share my vibe with you,
no i don’t do this often enough with you,
so roll the weed – & grab the brew,
one more time with you.

we’re going to say goodbye again,
i’m going to leave again,
you’re going to leave again..

break my heart,
you’re just like fine art –
my muse, that missing spark,
when it gets dark.

whisper it in my ear,
tell me those pretty words i wanna hear,
i know you feel it too,
i know you love me too.


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